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Michelle Michaels Female Voiceover Artist, London, UK

Michelle Michaels British Female Voiceover Artist

  • info[at]britishvoices.co.uk
  • Voiceover project for local council

    I just finished recording a voiceover project for a local council; it was great working on a project with educational content and a really positive message. I have been asked to help with casting voice talent for a beer company; I’m looking forward to listening to the auditions and short-listing candidates.
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  • I’m really grateful to have won an award for my recent voiceover work

    I am delight to announce that I won an Excellence Award for my voiceover work at the 2016 Communicator Awards. I was just happy to share my work with others and am very grateful that people enjoyed my work enough to recognise it.   With over 6,000 entries received from across the US and around the
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  • Five voiceover trends in 2016

    Just like the fashion industry, there are trends that come and go in the voiceover business. In past years, the “announcer” voice and the “hard-sell” were very popular. But these trends have faded and new trends are on the horizon. In this post, I will predict five voiceover trends for 2016. 1.Happy best friend, not
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  • Of Foreign Build Audiobook Giveaway

    To Celebrate the release of the new audiobook I narrated, “Of Foreign Build: From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman”, I am hosting a giveaway. I have three copies of the audiobook to giveaway. To enter send me a tweet from your twitter account answering the following question: Why do you want a copy of the
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  • Goodreads adds 180,000 Free audiobook samples

    Goodreads recently announced plans to introduce a new “Listen” feature on its website, which will allow users to access 180,000 free samples of audible titles. The new feature is designed to be easy to use. A listen icon will be shown on each Goodreads book page.   Users will be able to add samples they
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